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What to Expect During your Visit

The Experience

Salon Millie is a one chair studio salon designed to fit everyones individual needs and preferences. 

The day of your visit, please arrive at least five minutes early to locate the salon and its parking garage. If you've arrived too early and I am still with another guest, you may wait in the lobby or visit La Belle Rosette for coffee, wine, or a pastry across the street.

Once you are in the chair, we will have a detailed consultation. I will have the photos from our digital consult up on my tablet so we can discuss what may or may not work with your hair or lifestyle.

Before we start your service. I will offer you a beverage to sip on during the process. I know that color services can be lengthy I and have snacks available if you'd like one.


​At the shampoo bowl, you will experience a spa-like atmosphere. Starting with an amazing scalp massage while you relax with a warm, essential oil infused towel under your neck and lavender infused pillow over your eyes.

I completely understand if some or all of the experience is not for you. Just let me know during your digital consult if there is part of the experience that is not your thing and I will omit it from your service. Please let me know if you have any allergies to essential oils, are sensitive to heat on your neck, or to pressure on your scalp.

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